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Someone explain this to me Dec. 15th, 2009 @ 01:15 pm
Olivia Munn = Attractive.

Olivia Munn = Sexy.

Olivia Munn = Hottest woman alive.


Frankly, she is repulsively ugly to me. And the little of "Attack of the Show" I've seen... she's not just ugly, she's also a blithering idiot. What am I missing? She's crack-whore skinny, has no personality, has no natural "beauty" that I can see... but yet the geeks have decided that she is the queen of all creation. Someone help me out... PLEASE.

Election Day Reminder Nov. 2nd, 2009 @ 01:30 pm
Note to everyone:

Tomorrow remember, don't vote for the Scumbags!

Support the Eejits instead!

Somebody please explain this to me Sep. 9th, 2009 @ 01:17 pm
My understanding of the above word is that if I hate you solely because of your skin color; then I'm a racist.

My understanding of the above word is that if I think your opinion on some matter is poorly thought out/flat out wrong; then I'm dissenting with you.

Why is it that in years past, people with dark skin colors have been able to think the President a complete moron (W, Clinton, Bush#1, Reagan, Carter, etc.) without being racist... but now that there is a president with dark skin... that I'm automatically racist if I think he's wrong on *any* issue?

I am not a racist. I am a dissentor. Plain and simple. Stop trying to call me a racist when I disagree with Jesus... err... Obama. This Cult-of-personality that surrounds Barry needs to be deflated a bit. Barry-O needs to get some space and some fresh air... maybe THEN he'll realize how bad his policies truly are.

Somebody explain how dissent now equals racism. Please?

Decent music. I think I may have found some (finally)! Sep. 4th, 2009 @ 03:06 pm
So, after getting more and more pissed at the RIAA and major labels for releasing by and large pre-digested crap that bores the life out of me... I stumble across a podcast that features indy music. Wow. Maybe it was a great week for that show, but out of the 12 songs played... I think I'd like to hear all 12 of them again. I may even (gasp) buy the album that a few are on.

Should I or shouldn't I May. 28th, 2009 @ 02:59 pm
Tool. One of my favorite bands. Playing Patriot Centre on 7/30. Tickets on sale tomorrow.

Hmmmmm. Want to go, but can I justify it to the Mrs.? I'll have to think on this.
Other entries
» Angel must be a DAMN good lawn-care specialist.
I've had my celphone for over 5 years by now. I just got a call for Angel's grass service.

Now, I got a bunch when I first got the phone, and wondered if my number was a common mis-typing of Angel's... asked a few people the number they were trying to reach, and they were definitely trying to reach my area code AND phone number.

Either Angel gives a lawn the best care possible at a rock-bottom price, or the "grass service" has nothing to do with lawnmowers.
» When I'm in Toronto next...
I am SO going to see Evil Dead, the Musical. Proof I'm not full of it.
» Politics... You've been warned
Political cut. Don't enter unless you actually LIKE this crapCollapse )
» Big O doesn't make sense.
Economic Stimulus:
2003: Bush gives us a Stimulus "tax credit". Result? Doesn't work
2008: Bush gets the Treasury to cut us all a check. Result? Doesn't work
2009: Obama wants to cut us another check. Result?

Does anyone else want to bet that folks will pay off debt and deposit to savings, instead of buying some sort of big screen TV? I'm betting on continued Recession.
The idiot hasn't even been inaugurated yet. Stop comparing him to Washington, Lincoln, et al. Let the man DO something first.

Oh, and Stop crapping about this being an "historic" inauguration. It's not. It's the inauguration of a man that agrees with everything that ever came out of Carter's or Bill Clinton's mouth. So... Carter/Clinton has already been inaugurated. SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!

Thank you, that is all.
» NOTA? Please?
Why isn't there a viable option on the ballots for "None of the Above"?

I figure if NOTA wins, re-do the election in a month with new candidates. Maybe if we go through a few cycles of NOTA winning the Republicrats and Democans will finally realize that their candidates *ALL* suck ass.
» (No Subject)
Why is it that some days I come to work and feel like I've done nothing whatsoever, yet my completed task-list looks like I've worked non-stop for about 10 years... and other days feel like I've busted my behind inside out and I have nothing to show for it?

» I got stumped in a discussion...
The other day a friend and I were talking politics while grilling a cookout. The discussion drifted to the subject of abortion, and I mentioned that I thought it should be a state's rights issue (Utah and the deep south would probably outlaw, while California, New York, etc. would explicitly declare it legal). My friend said that it would be impractical and sketched out a scenario that stumped me:

A young lady grows up in California (or some other abortion-legal state), gets pregnant, decides she doesn't want the kid, and aborts the fetus. Fast-forward a few weeks, Utah has declared that abortion is murder. Fast-forward a few years, the young lady has gone to college, gotten a VERY lucrative job, and (involuntarily) gets transferred to Provo, UT. She goes to her doctor, gets her California Medical records transferred to her new doctor (maybe she has high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes; or some other chronic illness that requires treatment). Doctor agrees with the Utah Legislature in that Abortion is Murder. Doctor looks at her records, sees that she had the abortion and then calls the police. Young Lady is not on trial for the murder of her unborn son/daughter (since Murder has no Statute of Limitations).

How would the state's rights argument respond to this argument? She got preggers in Cali, aborted in Cali, and is now sitting in a Utah jail cell for said abortion.
» Sometimes...
I think I need to institute the Babylon 5 mantra:
Ivanova: "... And just one more thing, on your trip back I want you to take the time to learn the Babylon 5 mantra. Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova's recommendations. Ivanova is God. And if this ever happens again [shouts] Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out!"

So... I am presented with a problem (we want database structure and no rows. We also want the database as compact as possible. I say Drop and recreate the tables. Simple, I'm done with this task in like 15 minutes (because I wasn't hurrying).

Not good enough... but after almost a week of pissing and moaning, it's good enough. And as my boss walked away, I pictured the above scene in my head. Therapy by mind-wandering.
» Eek!
So I'm listening to a podcast... and this guy describes himself as the love-child of Michael Moore and Ann Coulter.

Scary thought there.
» Spelling Bees don't HAVE to suck
Your word is "NUMBNUT".

The irony is that M was watching this (since she can't spell... she loves watching these things), and this kid apparently won the whole enchilada... too bad he'll be remembered as the "numbnut kid"
» Should I be happy or mad?

So on Sunday I was working in the basement and went into the laundry room to get something (I can't even remember what it was now), and right about the time I walked into the room, the water heater's heat valve blew. Scalding hot water coming out the top of the heater and down that pipe onto the floor where all my brewing stuff is. (Don't worry, I yanked it out of the way first thing). So I shut down the water supply, then RUN to the breaker-box and turn off the water heater's breaker. Connect a hose to the bottom, and drain out a handful of gallons of water (to stop the pressure valve's expulsion of water). Further, once things calmed down a bit, we assessed everything, cleaned up the water on the ground, and called the home warranty people.

Long story short, the guy comes yesterday afternoon, takes a look at the water heater and comments that something is majorly WRONG with the system... because when you force water out of the pressure valve, it's still BOILING HOT. He asks to check the breaker box, and sure enough the breaker is off, then he checks the heater elements and confirms that there is no power legitimately going inside the heater. He keeps working on it, and finds that some doofus wired the ground and the negative together. In other words, every 220 volt thing in the house (the stove, heater, water heater, etc.) was feeding power INTO THE WATER HEATER.

Now, Should I be mad because the 4 year old water heater was installed defectively and therefore home warranty won't cover it, or should I be happy that the wiring in the rest of the house is VERY sturdy to not burn down the house for the last 4 years?

» This is too rich

So... you are a juror on a marijuana possession case, and after a 45 minute break don't return. Why? You are BEING BOOKED FOR SMOKING A JOINT OUTSIDE THE COURTHOUSE!!!!!!

Just think... a pothead on a jury. THINK OF THE CHIL'R'N!
» I think we finally have a winner
On CNN.com there is a delegate counter thingie:

Now, if you set the slider bars to 65% Clinton for each of the remaining primaries, and 55% of the remaining Superdelegates, you'll get Obama the nomination.

According to my math, Clinton has 275 super delegates, Obama has 259. That breaks down to 48.4 of PLEDGED superdelegates to Obama and 51.5% Pledged to Hillary.

Assuming that She gets momentum, she still loses. Turn out the lights, the party is over.

Of course, I predict that Hillary is officially going to fight until Obama gets the nomination... then keep fighting (to take it away from him). She is a classless, tasteless hack. I personally wouldn't vote for Hillary for dog-catcher. Then again, I wouldn't vote for Obama or McCain for dog-catcher either. Guess I'm going third party this November.

Which makes me wish there was a "None of the above" option. And if "None of the above" "wins" the election, you go into a run-off with NEW candidates. That would bring about some change.
So... John Cusack is pissed about Iraq and did a low-budget satire (he wrote, produced, and starred in the film).

Allegedly it features a chorus line of female amputees.

More here:

Will this not be the best movie to ever be produced? I'm SO going opening weekend.
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